I started off with a white undercoat and several squigs in pieces so it was easier to paint.

I started by painting the inside of the mouths abandon black and the tongues a base of screamer pink

Next I washed the tongues druchii violet. Whilst this was drying I painted the grot inside the mouth the same way as my normal grots. Elysian green base, athonian camoshade wash and Abbadon black on the cloak

Next I highlighted the tongues firstly with Emperors children and then an edge highlight of fulcrum pink and also painted the teeth Zandri dust.

I then started painting the lips and gums which I would struggle to reach once assembled with a base of screamer pink and a wash of carroburg crimson and gave the teeth a wash of seraphim sepia

Now the base colours are down and the tongues are finished I fully assembled the squigs.

Next I started on the main skin by giving it a coat of Mephiston Red.

I then gave them a second coat of Mephiston red

I then gave them dry brush of Astor’s this red and a wash of reikiland flesh shade

I next done a final highlight of Rakarth Flesh in the highest edges of the skin.

I gave all the teeth a wash of seraphim sepia.

At this point I painted over the mushrooms with corax white where their was some paint splatter from the other colours

Next I gave the teeth a highlight of Ushabti bone

Next I got the base colours onto the mushrooms. I used aethermatic blue contrast paint on one of the clusters, valupous pink on the other cluster and the rest had a coat of either kakophoni purple or temple guard blue.

The next stage was to finish of the teeth and hooves with a final highlight of screaming skull.

Next I highlighted the lips and gums with pink horror

Then I gave the mushrooms their spots by using a cocktail stick with some corax white

Then it was on to basing. I started with Astrogranite texture

Once this was dry I gave it a heavy coat of Nuln oil wash.

And finally once the wash was dry I gave them a dry brush of Dawnstone followed by Ulthuan grey.